Why we need The Teds as Police Commissioners - Police State Birmingham

Here's another example of how the police have strayed far from their remit and are acting like gangsters. The sergeant should be out of a job today. Until the public start exerting their power en masse, we will keep getting weak egotistical people like this who are incapable of carrying out the duties of constable. How low the bar has been set.

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The Party's founder is Robin Tilbrook, top solicitor and legal campaigner, whose aim is to bring about nothing less than England's independence from the United Kingdom. The UK has progressively signed away the rights of English people to unaccountable world government bodies such as the UN, the WHO and the WEF, not to mention the EU. Brexit has not been completed and it needs looking at again. Our country has been sold on by successive governments to powerful interests who care nothing for our people.

The only way to re-establish England and the rights of English people, is to take back our country. This can come about in the following manner.

Our rights as English people were guaranteed to us in the Act Of Union in 1707, and legally the United Kngdom and Great Britain have broken the agreements and promises made, rendering the Union liable to be nullified through legal challenge.

However there will not be a judge willing to order the re-establishment of England and English Independence, whatever the legal rights and wrongs of the case. Politically there will have to be a referendum, funded with public money with two sides battling to win - a YES and a NO vote, or IN versus OUT. And the vote must be won, despite all the big money placed to keep England locked inside the restraints of the UK and its subservience to world government bodies.

The campaign for English Independence must first win a referendum.


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